Key Issues

“Transportation is responsible for more carbon emissions than any other sector of the U.S. economy. By embracing EVs, federal policymakers can help drive innovation, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and improve air quality and public health.”

Joe Britton, Executive Director of ZETA
Consumer Incentives &
Early Retirements

Point-of-sale consumer incentives drive adoption, provide cost reductions and achieve real results in pushing transportation electrification. In addition, providing a larger credit for legacy vehicle retirements further rewards consumers and will speed the transition and meet the urgency of the moment.

lordstown motors truck

We should not only accelerate U.S. transportation electrification, but also work to ensure that we secure domestic economic growth and leadership in EV manufacturing. Federal policies must encourage job creation and economic activity across the entire EV supply chain and lifecycle, from critical materials to vehicles.

Emissions / Performance

Emission targets are a key piece of protecting public health and sending the correct market signals to support and accelerate the transition to zero emission transportation.

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Extensive charging infrastructure investments will eliminate range anxiety, drive the electric transportation transition, and ensure that all Americans can enjoy the benefits of driving an electric vehicle.

Federal Support for
State and Local Policy

Federal support should invest in research and development, provide an aligned vision for electrification, and ensure local leaders are empowered with the expertise and resources to support full vehicle electrification.

About Us

The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) is a federal coalition focused on advocating for 100% EV sales by 2030. Enacting policies that drive EV adoption will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, secure American global EV manufacturing dominance, drastically improve public health, and significantly reduce carbon pollution.

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