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American Battery Technology Company


American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) is an American-owned company that is meeting the soaring global demand for lithium-ion battery technology with a USA-made complete lifecycle approach.

American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) has built a clean technology platform that increases production of primary metals used in batteries that power electric cars, grid storage applications, consumer electronics and power tools.
Our platform creates a circular economy for battery metals that champions ethical and environmentally sustainable sourcing of critical materials.
1. Recycling of lithium-ion batteries to recover and reuse battery metals.
2. Extraction of battery metals from primary resources and development of new  green technologies that can be deployed at scale.
3. Exploration and stewardship of new mineral resources globally.

We are creating the building blocks for how we power the future of society.

We are eagerly willing to work with other companies mining for battery metals in Nevada and in North America because we understand the national security and economic implications necessitating that America “breaks free” of our reliance on foreign sources of critical materials. We know that working together with our industry partners and competitors is good for the “home team,” and good for the global market so hungry for new and actively-producing sources of necessary battery metals.

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