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Pure Watercraft

Pure Watercraft


Pure Watercraft is leading a fundamental boating transformation by developing high-performance electric propulsion technology. Founded in Seattle in 2011, it develops electric motors, battery packs, and other tech to enable a new era in recreational boating that is more enjoyable, accessible, and environmentally-friendly than ever before.

Pure Watercraft brings a superior product and direct-to-consumer distribution to the burgeoning global market for electric boats.

Pure Watercraft’s first product — the Pure Outboard — is an electric outboard motor system with the propulsion equivalent of up to 50 HP gas outboards, and performance far ahead of others in its class. Its proprietary lithium-ion battery pack is thermally-managed for high performance and long life, and has the most energy for its weight of any battery pack in marine — about the same as that of the Tesla Model 3.

Through product and business model innovation, Pure Watercraft is making boat ownership more convenient. Unlike gas outboards, which require frequent maintenance and are onerous and expensive to refuel, the Pure Outboard requires no scheduled maintenance. Recharging the system is as simple as plugging in a smartphone, with recharge times as fast as 3 hours. The Pure Outboard is virtually silent, enhancing fishing trips or leisure outings with friends and family.

Pure Watercraft sells its electric outboards — either as part of a turnkey integrated boat package or as a standalone replacement to repower an existing hull — direct-to-consumer through its website. Pure Watercraft’s mobile field technicians assist with installations and service (if required).

Pure Watercraft’s products produce zero emissions, a significant improvement versus conventional marine engines. Because gas outboards don't use catalytic converters, replacing one with the Pure Outboard has the same impact as replacing ~125 gas cars with electric, in terms of cancer-causing emissions (carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and hydrocarbons). As for carbon dioxide, in the United States, recreational boats generate as much as buses.

For more information about Pure Watercraft, its products, or open career opportunities, please visit or email

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