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Grayson Eady

Policy Intern
Grayson is a Fourth-year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Sustainable Cities. At Georgia Tech, Grayson has been involved in sustainability research and advocacy on campus. He previously worked as an Undergraduate Research Intern for the Strategic Energy Institute, where he compiled and analyzed renewable energy and electric vehicle policy research for use in educational materials. Grayson currently serves as Co-Founder and President of Electrify GT, a student-led campaign advocating for 100% campus electrification by 2030. As an extension of his advocacy efforts, Grayson gave a TED talk in November of 2021 on electrification as a climate solution through TEDxGeorgia Tech. Prior to working with ZETA, Grayson developed his technical knowledge of EVs as an intern with the electric adventure vehicle manufacturer, Rivian Automotive. There, he worked on the Charging Systems Engineering and Software Integration teams to validate charging systems and vehicle software and hardware. In his free time, Grayson enjoys hiking, brewing craft beer, and working on his home-built electric motorcycle.
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