No tailpipe emissions on the way to school

This National Asthma Awareness Month, ZETA is highlighting the significant benefits that electric school buses provide to our children and the broader community.
More than 21 million students travel to school every day on a yellow school bus. The vast majority of these vehicles are powered by diesel engines that emit harmful exhaust fumes that are breathed in by students, bus drivers, and school staff. This is a significant concern for parents. Diesel exhaust has been tied to lower test scores and higher levels of childhood asthma. At the same time, these emissions are released into the air of our communities as buses go block by block to pick up students.

Replacing these vehicles with electric school buses has become a major opportunity to reduce childhood asthma, reduce carbon emissions, and create American jobs. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes funding for EPA’s Clean School Bus Program to provide $5 billion to help school districts purchase electric school buses. To date, more than 8,682 electric school buses have been awarded, ordered, delivered, or are already in operation in the United States.
ZETA hosted a webinar in May 2024 highlighting the benefits of electric school buses, providing an update on the rollout, and discussing how they are helping the American economy.
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Read ZETA Executive Director Albert Gore’s 2023 call to action essay, advocating for further efforts to reduce carbon pollution and prevent asthma cases.
Watch ZETA’s 2023 Asthma Awareness Month conversation with experts from EPA, EV Hybrid Noire, Green Latinos, and Moms Clean Air Force below.

Asthma Awareness Month Webinar 2023

ZETA hosted a webinar on May 8, to discuss the impact of tailpipe emissions on public health and the role electric vehicles can play in improving air quality in your community.

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