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About ZETA

National policies to support 100% electric vehicle sales.

Zero Emission Transportation Association

Transportation must be cleaner.

ZETA is the first industry-backed coalition of its kind advocating for the full adoption of electric vehicles (EV), which will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, secure American global EV manufacturing leadership, dramatically improve public health and significantly reduce carbon pollution.
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We are united for 100% EV sales.

What We Do

We provide trusted counsel to policymakers on EVs.

Consumer Incentives
Domestic Manufacturing
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EV Benefits

Cleaner Air

The transportation sector emits the most carbon pollution in the U.S. EVs produce no tailpipe emissions and are 67% less carbon intensive than gasoline-powered cars over their lifetime. A full transition to EVs would eliminate tailpipe pollutants like NOx, fine particulate matter, and carbon dioxide from our vehicle transportation system.

Economic Growth

Electric vehicles support over 300,000 American jobs, with new EV manufacturing poised to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the years to come.  The rest of the world is moving aggressively to seize this generational opportunity. The U.S. must lead this race to create a new manufacturing and jobs sector worth billions.
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Real Savings

By going electric, EV owners can save over $700 a year in fuel and an additional $330 in annual maintenance costs. Meanwhile, the retail price of EVs continues to decline as manufacturing scales up. Federal, state and local incentives have the ability to drive greater consumer benefits and EV adoption.

Ease of Ownership

In addition to no longer needing to pay for gas, EVs only include a handful of moving parts versus the hundreds in a traditional gasoline vehicle and thus require far less service and maintenance.  With no oil, coolant, transmission fluid or belts to change, it’s no wonder that 96% of EV owners say they’ll never go back to a gas-powered car.

Healthier Communities

Low-income and frontline communities already faced a disproportionate health burden from mobile source emissions prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We now know that exposure to air pollution has worsened COVID impacts in these communities. Full electrification will reduce respiratory illness and save lives.

The Driving Experience

Thanks to the instant torque of an electric motor, EVs also have incredible performance. They can also be safer to drive because of a low center of gravity, and with no traditional engine they have a front crumple zone that protects passengers in head-on collisions.
ZETA team

Meet our team.

Through expert testimony, educational materials, and timely press pieces, the ZETA team provides authoritative EV-related insights and advises policymakers on how to develop policy that supports the best use of federal resources to drive transportation electrification.

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