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EVs vs. Gas-Powered Vehicles Cost Savings Reports

Electric vehicles are more affordable and operating cost stable.

The Zero Emission Transportation Association’s (ZETA) analysis shows that electric vehicles (EVs) continue to be more affordable for drivers. In addition to affordability, the latest numbers reinforce the benefits of price stability that comes with reducing reliance on international oil markets. While the national average cost of gasoline has fluctuated by as much as a dollar per gallon during the past year, the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity has remained relatively stable. 

“Our research has shown that driving an electric vehicle can save American drivers significant travel costs, but this report expands on that conclusion by showing how electricity is more insulated from price fluctuations compared to gas-powered vehicles,” said Albert Gore, executive director of ZETA. “American families are on a budget. Ensuring that they can travel affordably requires better protection from fluctuating oil prices. Electric vehicles provide that protection.”

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