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EVs vs. Gas-Powered Vehicles Cost Savings Reports

Electric vehicles are far cheaper to drive than gas-powered cars.

The Zero Emission Transportation Association’s (ZETA) analysis shows that electric vehicles are saving—and will continue to save—consumers money on operating costs. The three gas-powered vehicles featured in the data set represent some of the most popular vehicles in the SUV, pickup, and sedan categories. For each of these vehicles and in all of the states that ZETA analyzed, these vehicles’ EV analogues are far cheaper to drive per mile.

“This month’s Consumer Price Index shows once again that gas prices are surging, which has been exacerbated by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. American families are losing money at the pump to a commodity that is increasingly unpredictable and unaffordable in an already-expensive pandemic year. Our analysis shows that American consumers don’t have to choose between driving their car or saving money. Electric vehicles are affordable now,” said Joe Britton, the Executive Director of ZETA.

“EV charging costs are not dependent on global oil markets—and are therefore not subject to the same price shocks, disruptions, and supply shortages,” continued Britton. “Instead, EVs run on electricity, which is cheaper than gasoline and is produced domestically from increasingly renewable and locally derived resources. As Congress moves forward to pass new transformative clean energy investments to electrify the transportation sector and bolster domestic auto manufacturing, EVs’ sticker prices and total cost of ownership will only continue to come down, paving the way for electric vehicles to become the new—and affordable—normal in the United States.”

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