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Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials


Redwood Materials is inventing sustainable materials to build the world by creating circular supply chains, turning waste into profit and solving the environmental impacts of new products before they happen. Based in Northern Nevada, Redwood was founded by JB Straubel, the former Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Tesla, in 2017. Redwood is focused on steadily and relentlessly improving lithium-ion battery recycling economics with technology to reduce the cost of materials and ensure a sustainable, circular economy for these critical materials. Redwood has partnered with Panasonic to reclaim the scrap it generates in making battery cells and modules on their side of the Nevada Gigafactory and with Envision AESC to recycle all of their production scrap from their Smyrna, TN facility. Additionally, Redwood has partnered with Amazon to recycle EV and other lithium-ion batteries and e-waste from parts of their businesses, with ERI for exclusive battery recycling from the largest electronics consolidator in North America, with Specialized bikes to recycle 100% of their e-bike lithium-ion batteries, and with Proterra transit buses, among a dozen other partnerships. Redwood is already receiving ~3 GWh of batteries annually already which equates to about 45,000 cars or 20k tons of batteries a year and focused on returning recycled materials back into the domestic battery supply chain.

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