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Myth busting electric vehicles.

The truth is that electric vehicles—or EVs—are engines of job creation, cost-effective for the consumer, good for the environment and for public health.
Let’s look at some common EV misconceptions to set the record straight.
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Myth: EVs are too expensive.

The Truth:

There are many models on the market today that are below or equal to the cost of an equivalent gas-powered car.  Recently passed tax credits will help make EVs more affordable, while drivers continue to experience significant savings due to lower maintenance and charging costs.

Myth: EVs do not provide enough driving
range for American families.

The Truth:

EVs can easily meet the everyday transportation needs of American drivers.

Myth: EVs are not made in America and will take away American jobs

The Truth:

EVs account for four of the top five highest-scoring cars on’s 2023 American-Made Index.

  • Nearly 340,000 Americans already work in the domestic clean vehicle sector. This number is estimated to rise above two million by 2035.
  • EVs account for four of the top five highest-scoring cars on’s 2023 American-Made Index.
  • Public investment through the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will further grow domestic supply chains, including through funding critical minerals and battery production. This is in addition to research, development, and demonstration of new technologies, and the physical process of car manufacturing.
  • Recently, the Department of Energy announced $2.8 billion in grants as a result of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The grants were distributed to 20 companies working in 12 states to support the development of the domestic EV supply chain.
  • The Defense Production Act has been used to increase the nation’s ability to produce critical minerals for EV batteries.
  • Meanwhile, the private sector is expected to invest $1.2 trillion worldwide through 2030.
  • More than $700 million in private investment has already been announced to manufacture more than 250,000 new EV chargers in the U.S alone.

Myth: EVs are a fire hazard and put firefighters, individuals, and infrastructure at risk

The Truth:

EVs have been shown to be as safe, or even safer, than conventional vehicles.

  • Injury claims for EV drivers and passengers were more than 40 percent lower than that of identical gas-powered vehicles between 2011-2019.

Myth: EVs are not environmentally friendly

The Truth:

Regardless of where they are charged, EVs are cleaner when compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. As the U.S. energy grid moves toward more renewable energy sources, EVs will become even cleaner over time, especially when compared to internal combustion engine vehicles and the fossil fuel-based infrastructure that supports them.

  • Transportation is the largest carbon-emitting sector in the United States and is responsible for one-third of our total carbon emissions.
  • An overwhelming amount of research has found that EVs release lower emissions per mile over the lifetime of the vehicle, regardless of how their electricity was sourced from the grid.
  • A 2022 study by the Ford Motor Company and University of Michigan researchers found that light-duty EVs can lower vehicle lifetime emissions by as much as 64% compared to gas-powered vehicles.
  • Achieving 100% EV sales by 2030 and a cleaner grid would prevent $1.3 trillion in health and environmental costs in the coming decades.
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