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H.R. 3684

INVEST in America Act

July 11, 2021

Summary: This bill authorizes funds for federal highway aid, transit, safety, research, and other DOT programs. The bill also revises Buy America requirements and directs DOT to establish a pilot program for a road user charge.

  • Sponsor(s): Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR-4)
  • Legislative History: Passed by the US House of Representatives 221–201.
  • Policy Pillar: National Charging Initiative, Encourage Domestic Manufacturing
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Endorsed Legislation in the 118th Congress

Protecting Circuit Boards and Substrates Act of 2023

Summary: This bill provides incentives to bolster domestic printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, research, and development to reduce supply chain disruptions, address national security concerns related to foreign PCB production, and enhance America's economic leadership. The bill establishes a financial assistance program modeled on the CHIPS Act within the Commerce Department for American facilities manufacturing or researching PCBs; provides a 25% tax credit for entities that purchase American-manufactured PCBs; requires a Presidential determination for single financial awards over $300 million; includes waste, fraud, and abuse protections; and authorizes appropriations of $3 billion to carry out the program.

  • Sponsor: Rep. Moore (R-UT-1) 
  • Original Cosponsor(s): Rep. Eshoo (D-CA-18)
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Summary: This bill amends title 23, United States Code, with respect to the operation of certain specialized hauling vehicles on the Interstate System, and for other purposes. The bill states that a State may not prohibit the operation of stinger-steered combination automobile transporters with gross weight of 88,000 pounds or less on any segment of the Interstate System and certain qualifying Federal-aid primary highways. It also requires States to allow an up to 10 percent increase on the axle weight limitations outlined above.

  • Sponsor: Rep. Gooden (R-TX-5)
  • Original Cosponsor(s): Rep. Mast (R-FL-21)
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H.R. 2849

Rare Earth Magnet Manufacturing Production Tax Credit Act of 2023

Summary: This bill provides a new tax credit for the domestic production of rare earth magnets. The magnets must be manufactured or produced in the ordinary course of the taxpayer's trade or business, and the credit is disallowed if any rare earth material component used to produce such magnets is produced in a non-allied foreign nation.

The bill defines a rare earth magnet as a permanent magnet composed of an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron, or an alloy of samarium and cobalt, which may also include other material.

  • Sponsor: Rep. Reschenthaler (R-PA-14)
  • Original Cosponsor(s): Rep. Swalwell (D-CA-14)

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Modern, Clean, and Safe Trucks Act of 2023

Summary: This bill repeals the 12% excise tax on the retail sale of heavy trucks and trailers.

  • Sponsor: Rep. LaMalfa (R-CA-1)
  • Original Cosponsor(s): Rep. Pappas (D-NH-1), Rep. LaHood (R-IL-16), Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR-3)
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Mining Regulatory Clarity Act of 2023

Summary: This bill amends the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, pertaining to the Mining Law, to address the Rosemont Decision, which requires mining plans to include only public lands proved to contain economically-valuable minerals, even if those lands are planned to be used for mining-support activities such as waste or processing sites. The bill reaffirms a practice and previous legal interpretation that some public land use under a mining claim inherently accompanies exploration and extraction activities for other mining-support activities.

  • Sponsor: Sen. Cortez Masto (D-NV) 
  • Original Cosponsor(s): Sen. Risch (R-ID)
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Mining Schools Act of 2023

Summary: This bill requires the Secretary of Energy to provide technology grants to strengthen domestic mining education. The grant program awards competitive funding to mining schools for the purpose of recruiting and educating the next generation of mining engineers and other qualified professionals to meet the future energy and mineral needs of the United States. Mining schools may use grant funds to recruit students and to enhance and support programs related to critical mineral extraction, reclamation technology, mineral extraction methods that reduce environmental and human impacts. The bill authorizes $10,000,000 to carry out this section for each of fiscal years 2024 through 2031.

  • Sponsor: Sen. Barrasso (R-WY) 
  • Original Cosponsor(s): Sen. Manchin (D-WV)
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