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Electric By 2030: The Urgency And Opportunity In Electrifying The U.S. Transportation Sector

April 15, 2021
Join us on April 20 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Electric vehicles (EVs) present a historic opportunity for the U.S. to significantly reduce carbon pollution, dramatically improve public health, galvanize American manufacturing leadership, and create hundreds of thousands of American jobs along the way.

Ahead of Earth Day, the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) will be hosting a detailed discussion with EV industry and policy leaders to discuss the pathway to full EV adoption by 2030.

The discussion will further explore the importance of:

  • President Biden’s American Jobs Plan
  • Infrastructure and the legislative process
  • Light-, medium-, and heavy-duty electrification
  • National charging initiatives
  • Domestic manufacturing and supply chains
  • Federal leadership

David Turk
Deputy Secretary, Department of Energy

JoAnn Covington
Chief Legal Officer & Head of Government Relations, Proterra

Cathy Zoi
Chief Executive Officer, EVGo

Laurie Giammona
Senior Vice President, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Menka Sethi
Chief Operating Officer, American Battery Technology Company

Joe Britton (Moderator)
Executive Director, Zero Emission Transportation Association

You can now watch the recording by clicking here.

Policy Platform

Learn about our six-part strategy for electrification.

About ZETA

National policies to support 100% electric vehicle sales.

The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) is a federal coalition focused on advocating for 100% EV sales. Enacting policies that drive EV adoption will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, secure American global EV manufacturing dominance, drastically improve public health, and significantly reduce carbon pollution.