Transitioning to electric vehicles comes with many economic, environmental, and public health benefits. Here is a snapshot of the impact light and heavy-duty EVs are having on Florida:

EV Growth and Investment in Florida


Jobs that have been created in Florida’s EV supply chain.


Private industry investments in Florida’s EV supply chain.


Investment from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program that is growing California’s public EV charging network.

Benefits of Driving an EV in Florida


The equivalent cost of charging your EV. The average cost of gas in Florida was $4.65 (02/16/24).


The amount of savings Florida [enter name of what people are called of state] can receive per “fill up” by driving an EV (depending on the type of vehicle they drive).


Reduction in CO2 emissions in Florida by replacing a gas-powered vehicle with an EV.

Overview of Trucking Fleet


Percent of goods moved by the US trucking sector by weight.


Percent of goods transported less than 250 miles.


Total cost of ownership savings per mile by driving an electric truck.

Benefits for Non-EV Drivers

$69.9 B

The amount of public health costs that could be avoided in Florida if all cars were EVs.


Fewer asthma attacks.


Fewer lost work days.

State-Level Policy Efforts

Clean Cars II


Clean Trucks


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