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ZETA Education Fund


The ZETA Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Zero Emission Transportation Association focused on educating the public on the environmental and social benefits and opportunities associated with broad EV adoption.
White Papers & Policy Briefs

Fostering an Electric Future: A Federal Perspective on the U.S. Critical Mineral Supply Chain

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Powering the EV Market: How Electricity Providers are Planning for the Future

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ZETA White Paper cover on the EV market in rural America.

The Next EV Market: Expanding Electrification in Rural America

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zeta medium and heavy duty white paper

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Electrification: Weighing the Opportunities and Barriers to Zero-Emission Fleets

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white paper cover image

Driving Consumer Adoption of Light-Duty Electric Vehicles through Purchase Incentives

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Member Insights

Insights from EV leaders.

Tools and Reports

Map: Electric Vehicle Investments Provide Benefits Across the U.S.

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Analysis: Comparing the Operating Costs of Electric Vehicles and Gas-Powered Vehicles

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Our Members

We are united for 100% EV sales.

About ZETA

National policies to support 100% electric vehicle sales.

The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) is a federal coalition focused on advocating for 100% EV sales. Enacting policies that drive EV adoption will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, secure American global EV manufacturing dominance, drastically improve public health, and significantly reduce carbon pollution.