Powering the EV Market: How Electricity Providers are Planning for the Future

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This policy brief discusses the key energy considerations associated with growing EV adoption in the United States. The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) have significantly accelerated adoption of electric vehicles and planned deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the United States. These laws provided funding to support growth of domestic manufacturing and distribution of electric vehicles, as well as the construction of a nationwide electric vehicle charging network. The result of these laws and recently proposed regulatory actions on tailpipe emissions will be a significant shift from gasoline and diesel to electricity as a transportation fuel over the next decade. The challenge of delivering that electricity falls on the nation’s electricity providers, many of whom have been planning for this transition for years. This is a challenge they are prepared to meet. Electricity providers are experts in infrastructure development and have a history of working with federal, state, and local regulators to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to their customers. 

This policy brief outlines several case studies that showcase the important role electricity providers play in simplifying widespread EV adoption by strengthening charging infrastructure, managing charging loads during peak energy demand periods, and supporting customers throughout their EV transition. The brief also highlights ways federal policymakers can support regulated electric companies in their efforts to grow energy generation and optimize distribution. Chief among these is proactively working to prepare the grid for future transportation electrification efforts while maintaining reliability, resiliency, and affordability for customers.

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